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We will gladly pass on our practical knowledge to you during further training at our Technical Center, to ensure that you are up-to-date at all times.

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Our regrinding, recycling and digital services as well as CAD models allow for more efficient, easier, more flexible and more environmentally friendly production processes.

Dedicated application engineer - Your expert is available to you whenever you need help and will develop the best solutions with you.

Astfel, în timp util, vom afla cât costă cele tranzacționate valute din țara noastră. Vom afla cât costă un dolar american, un euro, un franc elvețian, precum și câți lei va costa o liră sterlină. Curs BNR pentru ziua de vineri, 8 ianuarie Astfel, cei interesați de prețul celor mai tranzacționate valute din România vor avea în timp util cursul valabil pentru astăzi pentru fiecare dintre monede.

Technical training - Our service to provide further training for your machine operators. Free Online-Seminars - We will gladly pass on our production know-how to you.

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Tool data — In addition to detailed cutting data, we also offer 2D and 3D models to assist you with your tool management or for simulating an operation. CAD data can be viewed or downloaded after logging into the online shop.

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Sustainability - Solutions for forward-looking thinking and cost-effective machining, for example we offer a reconditioning service. Services and support The most state-of-the-art logistics center in Europe allows us to offer the shortest delivery times.

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E-Commerce solutions - Accelerate and optimise tool procurement processes. Special tools and semi-standard tools - We adapt standard tools and develop special tools or complete tool concepts with you.

The machining catalog - Download 8 mm preț valutar latest catalog or have your free copy sent to you.

Be it automotive and engines, aerospace, energy technology or heavy-duty machining. From years of experience in the business, we understand the challenges posed by every sector of the industry — and are able to provide perfectly customized solutions.

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Project Engineering - From consulting to successful completion, we realise your application-specific project goals. Industry-specific tools - Tools that have been developed under the most demanding requirements of every industrial sector.

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Expert know-how - More than years of experience in engineering, the manufacture of high-performance cutting tools and the development of optimum machining procedures and processes for our customers. Independent guarantee of quality As part of the CERATIZIT Groupwe have an exclusive supply of raw materials, substantial resources and cover the entire process chain: From the mine to powder production and profiling, sintering, finalizing and surface finishing through to recycling, we guarantee the highest level of quality for our customers.

Case de schimb valutar amendate de Protectia Consumatorilor 24 Apr 5 Comentarii In conformitate cu Programul tematic de control al Autoritatii Nationale pentru Protectia Consumatorilor pentru trimestrul al II-leain perioada 4 - 7 aprilies-a desfasurat o actiune tematica de control privind respectarea prevederilor legale in vigoare referitoare la protectia consumatorilor, de catre operatorii economici care desfasoara activitati de schimb valutar, se arata intr-un comunicat de presa al institutiei. Pentru abaterile constatate s-au aplicat: - 77 avertismente; - 61 amenzi contraventionale in valoare totala de RON; - masura opririi temporare a prestarii serviciului a fost dispusa la 47 operatori economici.

In addition, when it comes to innovative strength e.