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Everything that is provided in this video is purely for educational purposes only. All information here should be independently verified, researched and confirmed.

Trading foreign currencies can be a challenging and potentially profitable opportunity for investors. However, before deciding to participate in the Forex market, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.

Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. The Funding Talent website does not reflect these changes. The challenge model will be released with a new website detailing the challenge. The plan has nothing to do with the aggressive or standard model. There are no consistency rules in this model.

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There is no monthly fee with this model. Anybody commenting about any of these topics will not receive a response. It amazes me how many people are commenting that are obviously not watching the video and paying attention. Now I am about to rewatch your video from a different lens. I was wondering why Jessica say no monthly fees or restrictions.

So which model do you believe is best in the Funding Talent? Check that video out. I'm plan on making six figures by years end. I've been trading for a while bani mari ușor coming across licensed forex market happy challenge pdf like this isn't easy you know. Most rich folks don't recommend their broker to others. I won't pass up this opportunity, If you could be so kind to share his contact, I'd love to have me trades placed by a pro.

Faheem Bashir Acum 10 Zile Investing is just numbers and charts I don't feel its for old fashioned people like me I'll leave my money in the bank and pray it's multiplies Since then his been handling all my trades for me. Aisha Faraj Acum 10 Zile The high inflow of newbies into the market over the pandemic should tell you not to doubt the markets renumerativeness. But I just wonder, how have you been doing it?

What's your strategy?

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Please do let us know!. Edwin Earl to be simple and direct because I get to monitor my investment from the initial deposit to the profit I earned such a cool platform plus he is straightforward and licensed. Forex is Freedom Acum lună Loving this info.

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Subscribed Any updates on the challenge bro? Acum lună Absolutely they just got rid of the 10 day requirement okoro Joy Acum lună Hi HVK in your opinion which one is best my forex funds challenge or funding talent challenge? But they each use different brokers for the live account so maybe that matters more. Charlie Holt Acum 2 luni About the monthly fee, it doesnt state that if your account was at a flat k at the end of the month would you have to pay this out your own pocket? Romario Johnson Acum 2 luni Funding talent have shitty brokers once u reach to the live account HVK Trading Acum 2 luni Everybody expects ic markets spreads now, otherwise they're shitty.

What regulated brokers aren't shitty? I have did the same. I have paid with my friends PayPal. They first told me they not receive my payment. After that they asked me which broker I would like to trade. I câștiguri ușoare din bani reali them to confirmed my payment. They have email me yes they receive my payment. They provide me demo account for the challenge. I started trading. I can't see my account matrix I email them they ask for many things no coordination's at all who ever is receive the email they don't bother to read previous email they ask same questions.

Now they deactivate my account saying that I have to give them order number. I have already provide my personal area pass word They can see my order number their but they ask many things. Be very very careful forex market happy challenge pdf funding talent or forextips I ask for company registrations document they couldn't provide it too. They have already confirm that they have receive my payment, Now they are saying different things.

I have give review in Trustpilot, they have force me to remove my review with several email they are threatening me, that they will inactive my trading account. It seems like whenever I am in profit they arise a issue. I just share my experience don't give any negative comment, I feel bad that I choose wrong prop firm.

I am going to ask them about this. I'm curious what their response will be.

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Now they are deactivated my account. Please don't recommend any prop firm without proper investigation. They are not registered company. They have Legal problem in Canada too. If you want I can share the link with you. Israel Sandoval Acum 2 luni Anyone has the exact website for funding talent? Do you happen to know how much each one is? How much for the 25k and k? Pz Acum 2 luni guy how do you compare the demo accounts brokers of funding talent? Rick Rude Acum 2 luni No ctrader or cbots We'll see if that happens.

Same price as stacking two accounts. Can you buy three of those?

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Like your energy keep it up. Forex market happy challenge pdf Talent wants you to continue trading the same lot size.

The Role and Economic Impact of Remittances

You also cannot suddenly decide to double your lot size whenever u come across tight setups. FTMO remains the best. Good luck with your challenge!

I started my FTMO challenge yesterday.

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The challenge had its own rules section that is linked on the challenge page. Maybe you should read the rules yourself as your video only focuses on the 'nice' stuff.

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The challenge is the least of my worries. I am more interested in what happens once I'm funded. You're looking at the wrong information. Did you ask them?

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Pervej Khan Acum 3 luni please make video about fxseed and traderscentralfund which is better? I'll work on that. Giovanni Romano Acum 3 luni Venit 2021 internet dude I came out with another fresh issue : : As far as I know there is a huge problem: FundingTalend will use blackbullmarkets prime account as broker for the funded accounts. I've just downloded their demo to check the spreads, and they look very big compared with the ftmo ones.

Please verify this info Forex market happy challenge pdf got.

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On FTMO it's 0. I was wrong at choosing the name instrument for prime accounts.

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I wrote to them funding talent and they said that they do not have control of spreads But this is a problem only for short term trade. I've seen this with other brokers. The logic is the same for the other instruments. That can be a problem for short term trades max burdon Acum 3 luni Currently on my phase 2 with funding talent.

Tian Xia Acum 3 luni With respect to the curtesy retake, with FTMO, you get unlimited retakes as long as you end the evaluation period above the starting capital. Is this the way it works with Funding Talent's curtesy retake?

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If you do not reach the target but end up above the starting capital at the end of the evaluating period, then you get 1 free retake. If you fail this retake, can you pay to participate again or you are permanently barred from this model by Funding Talent? Matze's World Acum 3 luni Lovely content, gonna help me to find my second prop firm as soon as my first is funded high enough.

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Tunde Adegbola Acum 3 luni Thanks. But you didn't cover the trading instruments they allow. And as regards the 1 repeat challenge, does that mean after a failed challenge? If you fail a challenge, you get one retry, assuming you are in profit and haven't broken a risk rule.