Home work horn.

Although in the past it was quite common, the horn violin passed into obscurity in all but the Bihor musical tradition, where is has become a symbol of the region.

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Bihor region stretches on the western border of Romania with Hungary. Until belonged to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. European studies concerning the spread and tradition of musical instruments note that the horn violin was used in folk music only in the eastern part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the turn of the century, across all parts of the border with Romania influencing Romanian folk music bands.

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These violins were found in Nasaud, Mures, Banat and Bihor counties, but today are present only in Bihor, where folk music bands adopted the horn violin for its ability to amplify its sound; something which enables it to be heard at large or outdoor events and sets it apart from other string instruments. In Central and Western Europe, the horn violin was not successful because when it was used in classical home work horn such as the works of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, etc.

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Stroh violin is much louder than a standard wooden violin, and its directional projection of sound made it particularly useful in the early days of phonographic recording. As long as regular violins recorded poorly with the old acoustic-mechanical recording methods, Stroh violins were frequently used in recording studios, but became rare after record companies switched to the new electric microphone recording technology in the second half of the s.

At a closer look, it is observed that there are large differences in manufacturing.

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Horn violins are much more supple than those created by Stroh, and in the place of the violin's expert forex gold comentarii wooden body there is a metal resonator to produce a louder and more penetrating sound. So once again we observe that folklore is a living phenomenon, which does not perish, but is in continuous transformation and is animated by artisans and musicians who with their craftsmanship and inventiveness adapt to modern times, giving new meanings to ancient artistic tradition in general and to music events in particular.

Generally, all musicians build their own horn violins, but there are well-known, renowned architects including Dorel Codoban from the village of Lazuri de Rosia Bihor county, Romania.

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Home work horn craftsmanship is so high that every horn violin became a traditional work of art. The wood of the horn violin is carved with geometric patterns and shapes found in nature, that are so often used in folk tradition: leaves, branches, trees, animals and traditional figures as a bride. Also he paint the fingerboard of the horn violins with same traditional patterns. And as many other horn violin's makers he built a double horn violin as experiment.